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Hello and welcome,
I invite you into the Creative Vortex

As an individual there is hardly a disappointment I have not experienced, actual child abuse & religious abuse. However, as I have been blessed with mercy by those I initially had respect for & who held a position of power in the community and used this power to a higher standard of soul work. They also held space and showed me there is more to suffering than self-deprecation, and there is more to healing than the body.

Our souls are symbionic (from my perspective) and our spirit is controlled by our breathing habits and ability to be quiet and be still. To date, I have had some incredible undeniable blessings, and spiritual experiences, such as, Out Of Body traveling, Lucid Dreaming, Spiritual Ministry, and Prophetic Channeling, to assist others on their journey to a higher vibration. I have been shown 3 past life experiences, in brief, that tied in with my soul's knowledge of myself that completely differs from all 7 of my brothers, sisters, or parents, and differs from the paradigm I was brought up to believe, Yet resonates with me.

In 2011 I began to experience this light shift in my body, ( ascensions symptoms) some of these were difficult, at the time I did not understand, but my spirit made me research and, as I shifted my understanding and body language; changes continued to puzzle me, and on occasion challenge me still, in my Pain body. Most of the time I am benefiting as well as you are. I accept these natures, concepts, and insights, as being as real as my 3rd-dimensional body.

In 2014 was lead into the holistic community here in Dallas and have made connections with many practicing energy healers, Musicians, Holistic medicine practitioners, and Sound Healing therapists, Yoga instructors, Teachers of Meditation, and Ecstatic Dance & Communication/ Authentic Relating therapists. And, have a community of family who, encourage each others gifts, share, barter, and guide one another , with barely an expectation. Logic dictates- $ dynamic energy exchange as the 3rd dimension is managed by funds.


In 2017 I started Therapeutic sound training and have Advanced Gong training.  After being convinced my gifts were being well received and confirmations were everywhere, I launched my YOUTUBE channel and started offering Therapy and Spiritual reading sessions. I love doing Love and relationship readings as well. I have a desire to assist others to assist themselves with Divine inspiration and messages of healing.

(Within the last 15 years, I became confident in the gifts I was given to use as a conduit for healing and prophetic energy. I claimed my  gift of clairvoyance, claireaudiance, clairesentience, empathic intuition, and established this website and formed a YOU TUBE channel, ORACLE & TAROT-( Life Path, Career & Love readings, using these tools and seeing abundant connections and synchronizations) 

I currently read for the elements and signs, as, this is the fastest way to reach people.

As of January 2020, I received my Reiki master Certification to further assist in energy healing for myself and others.

I offer a Reiki and reading combination  that is very thorough and designed especially for the individual client.

I am using this website to speak openly about these subjects and to HIGHLIGHT my work, where souls may connect, and order personal sessions and readings with me, as well as, the work of others I have great respect for and who have proven to me they are not doing their work for $, but have a healthy perspective of their gifts, time, and responsibilities.


To that end…… Blessings and Hugs from Robin

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I use Tarot, Reiki, & Angelic guidance,and Holy spirit, to get insight on energies
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Loving Donations are warmly welcomed, to utilize in my work for you, and to help my channel GROW.

Thank You very much. ALL of the love, support and gifts received. AWESOMENESS$robinsrealmreadings


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