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**Please do not use this form to ask about readings - To book your reading now go to the Readings page and make your selections.

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Note: By all means, please add your dates of birth and questions when you sent payment. I will respond as soon as possible.I can get extremely busy and if a payment is submitted my eye is discerning toward payments of $77.77 or higher, as this price qualifies for phone or zoom connections.  Thank you.

Disclaimer: Esoteric and Intuitive Guidance, is a personal choice and it is known that it is considered entertainment and therefore, my loves, use good judgement with what you learn from visiting, and interacting with us, we Love you. You must use good judgement , take care of your selves, take responsibility for you decisions, and be willing to be flexible with yourself and others. Note: All readings are anonymous and divinely guided to assist you, and you will be blessed.



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WELCOME: If you wish you may join my community of personal supporters who actively tune into the Spiritual channel I am on, the Unique messages I bring, Special readings, Sound Meditations and Reiki healing, also: FREE MONTHLY READING GIVEAWAY, & 1 SPECIAL GIFT.

PAST WINNERS: October 2019- A Gift of Amethyst/ Sterling earrings was awarded to a member. November Giveaway is THE LOVERS PATH TAROT.

* Currently Tier one: access to all readings has been $1.00 monthly pledge. If you have been in at this level it will continue to be that price. After March3 2021, anyone that joins on Tier 1 will be maintained at $3.00. Tier 2: $5.00 monthly commitment gives Access to all readings. Everyone automatically qualifies for Monthly Drawings for Gifts and Readings.
Upon joining Patreon you automatically qualify for every reading I offer for one low price of  $22.22!

The commitments I receive from you will be used to maintain this website and offer more readings and content in the future. JOIN ME, WITH LOVE…ROBIN


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