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Exploring the Powerful Link Between Shadow Work and Soul Retrieval

This article is based on observations derived from personal experience. I am presenting some reflections.

There are many opinions on the matter of what is called Shadow Work.

It becomes apparent through introspection that overcoming negative thoughts, anger, resentment, and internal struggles is a challenging endeavor. This process is deeply intertwined with one's sense of self, making it one of the most difficult tasks to undertake.

You may be shocked into doing your shadow work with God, as a result of your experiences with others. I discovered it is relevant to realizing you are repeating patterns, and they always disappoint.

Such insights are truly impactful. With each realization, I feel a sense of weight lifted off my shoulders as I delve deeper into my work. However, this process also presents new challenges that require my attention and effort to overcome.

Sometimes the lighter YOU, realizes, the companions around you are still in a certain pattern or energy. They do not understand that you are actually doing what is called SOUL RETRIEVAL. You access your real soul longings and truths. You come a little closer to the whole you and a little farther from them. It's a social world; we were made for companionship. Therefore, it's natural as you ascend by letting things go and realizing what heals you on a soul level.

You will discover, parts of yourself you hid somewhere, or did not know you were capable of.

Returning to shadow-work involves a process that can be quite challenging due to the necessity of sincerely revisiting past experiences with an open heart, a forgiving mindset, and a genuine willingness to explore not only your thoughts but also your emotions on the matter. By approaching your healing journey with a complete openness towards yourself, you can cultivate self-forgiveness, thereby creating room to reclaim your power, unleash your creativity, mend your heart, sever ties with negative influences, surround yourself with individuals who align with your values or spiritual beliefs, and ultimately, purify and realign your entire being with the unique blueprint destined for you prior to your birth. This transformative journey is intricately woven with cosmic significance.

Soon these deep yearnings to know fill your heart.

Upon reflection of past occurrences, tears would often flow as I revisited those moments. However, I was presented with an opportunity to redefine my emotions and perceptions towards those experiences. This process is closely linked to the Reiki Energy Management system.

During my personal journey of self-discovery, I came to realize that I harbored deep-seated anger towards the evident and unwarranted malevolence that I experienced during my formative years. I, too, endured physical and verbal abuse in my childhood, which significantly impacted my self-esteem.

Through a process of introspection, I discovered the tendency to sacrifice my inner peace for a sense of security. Upon recognizing recurring negative patterns in my behavior, I embarked on a journey of self-exploration, addressing these shadows gradually. This involved extensive creative expression through the art of writing numerous poems and letters, as well as dedicating myself to constant guitar playing and singing.

All that revealed the true intentions of my own heart.

Engaging in writing can be a valuable method for self-discovery.

Ultimately, it has become a lifestyle for me, leading me to distance myself from negative relationships and embrace positive energy. However, this shift may result in challenges with individuals you must now keep at a distance. Recognizing the toxicity of the situation is crucial, and taking the necessary steps towards healing is imperative. Therefore, it is essential that you prioritize your well-being.

In making the decision to approach my work with compassion, I realized the profound impact it could have on those I interact with. By choosing to embody compassion in my actions and words, I am not only providing a service but also creating a space for empathy and understanding. This commitment to serving others goes beyond just fulfilling a task; it is a dedication to being present for those who are in need of support, whether they are facing similar challenges or simply seeking a listening ear. Through offering encouragement and prayer, I aim to uplift and inspire those around me, fostering a sense of hope and connection in the midst of difficult circumstances.

I am of the opinion that engaging in daily meditation and having daily conversations with God, as you perceive Him, are essential practices that can lead you to a deeper self-awareness. The ultimate objective is to achieve a state of completeness, as Christ demonstrated when he did his healing he would say "BE-Made-Whole".

I was instilled with holy scripture as a child by osmosis, so there were certain words that came to mind when I was in a difficult tower moment, and sudden scary shifts.

Proverbs 4:23 "Safeguard your heart, as, out of it, are the SOURCES OF LIFE"

Saved me from myself destruct, and precipitated furthur inner work.

Im sure you have your unique experiences that encourage you to be whole.

RobinsRealmReadings & Yourwellness777

Feel free to reach out

Peace to You

Soul Retrieval Violet Flame

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