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I'm introducing a New Channel for Lovers over 50

THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD. come Subscribe for your love readings- WE ARE LOVE.

Robin in Gratitude
No weapon formed against me will prosper

Welcome to my blog. It has been a long time coming. My loves, it has come to my attention after being LIVE on YouTube for 3 years, there is an under-served community of hard core experienced mature Lovers- KINGS & QUEENS over 50 who find themselves wallowing in 30 something territory.

It's time you had your own.

I discovered it's a completely different atmosphere and social experiences. I am crazy about you all, and thrilled for this project. I wont neglect Robinsrealmreadings one bit. This is Love work.

My hope is that you would understand the terms are always the same on any of my readings- "Take what you need and leave the rest". "If it doesn't fit, don't make it fit", and

"If it's not or you, it's for someone else". Send OUT Love

I will be using MATURE cards as well. Get ready for our Own Love readings.


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