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Hello loves!

I wanted to do a reading and see where we are. Apparently someone is doing everything to move quietly forward, yet somehow still feeling an energy pull.

This is reading explains a lot. It may or may not relate to you. Take what you need and leave the rest. Showing some love and that we know where we're going. Wherever it is it will be according to God's perfect plan.

They desperately want to come back and tell you that they've done the spiritual work to earn you back.

Although you've done the inner work, much forgiveness after much pain, strengthen your resolve to have a peaceful abundant Life. Because of that intention you will. They want you to unblock them so they can come in and propose. Yet, you might be past it. What would you do if they knocked on your door? Ask God to bring to you what is yours and holy, and to block anything that is not yours.

Again thank you for liking my video, supporting my work, and being a great person.

Blessings from Robin

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