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Updated: Aug 15


I hope you are well, may the Lord bless you.

I know you don't all visit me on my YouTube channel although that really helps that's where I started I'm here with you now sharing what I'm inspired to create, and I'm extremely grateful for all your gifts, Financial blessings and donations from your heart, coming in and requesting personal readings, in sessions.

On my tick tock I specifically have readings that update and the highest vibration possible for the Divine masculine / divine feminine, it is made me aware of both aspects and what it takes to maintain the type of status that is called divine.

To me Divine is connected to God not disconnected not karmic not ego the only seeing a person who's considered the Divine being wants is respect and peace.

I added to the collection this divine feminine messages deck ,co-created with my friend and co-host of the INNER-G healers gathering Vanessa Camara Designs. Also: inspired by my Web designer Zoey Coley from

(Reach out to Zoey, if you need web support or creation)

if you desire to pre-order this deck ,

Request information please, and I'll get back with you by email.

Thank you, to everyone who's blessed my channel.

Love and prayers to you



Here is the Deck:

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