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💡Reiki Perspective on Energy Protection 🙏

Hi, I hope you are doing well.

It's a very intentional moment as I write this. Holloween, where men celebrate the unseen in many traditional ways -technically its witchcraft based in fear, but what kind? How does this actually matter?

It matters because you live & breathe energy.

Don't worry,

I'm not knocking makeup and parties or even those who really respect the dead. I am calling attention to the dark side. Manipulation of energy & power to deplete us.

With that said my loves, I have read the article I'm posting, and have seen this company, and magazine for years with respect.

I am celebrating my birthday as well. Guess what? I received tons of oils, jewels & hugs. Love will always find itself.

Honey's I slow down on readings & need your love & prayers, because of the fact, I must be humble before Source Almighty,

(the real hand of protection & judgement ) so the righteous Guides, and Forces, can stay in front of us, and provide the most amazing protection, and peace. A firewall so to speak. 🔥

This is indeed serious stuff.

Lovelight workers shine the truth like headlights in this energy, and get the first blasts of Negativity, and are weakened for a moment then come forward more powerful & intentional at sacred protection. THATS ME

It is even more important to be self sovereign, yet not arrogant. Spiritual Power is like Kung Fu. Builds up quietly, is intentional, and has powerful force. FOCUS!

Enjoy this article.

I gather my tribe like a momma holding her babies, say annointings, send healing energy, and love messages. Muah 💋

Be well, be well informed. Love you 😚

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Thank you. 🤗

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Thanks for your support!

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