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Large Bath Bundle for Sacred Love and Goddess Attraction Blend.

Designed by a reiki Master -Divine Feminine for Feminine/ Goddesses 
Intended to: assist in restoring your Natural Divine Energy field, also to: Protect your sacred Space, and provide an anointing for your purpose in your Feminine Essence.
That will remind you of your sacredness to God and to your Service work. 

Divine Feminine Love & Attraction Healing Box Includes: 
2 Bath Bags- ATTRACT LOVE & ABUNDANCE- & SACRED HOLY Anointing Bath (note: These are powerful so it is suggested you only use 1/3 a bag each time)
A wooden Spoon- A (Large Rose Quarts )
you can use right in your bath. Or carry on your person. 
A DIVINE FEMININE Mantra & Prayer (Powerful Self Love Mantra)

Also Included are: 2 Beautiful Delicious Sacred Sprays.
Auric Clear- (our signature anointing oil) all natural oils- Palo Santo, Sea Salt, primary + (a secret scent) & Amethyst chips
Attract Love Naturally-Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, frankincense, lavender, + (a secret scent)

Goddess Love & Attraction Healing Box +FREE FULL Love Reading

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