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INNER-G Healers Private Gathering -
Event Details &


Hello Loves!

Hi, I wanted to explain the Great Event I am having. In an attempt to open up and share some Cacao, Sound Bath meditation w breath work and, A quick lesson on Auric Field clearing and Protection Reset. I am a Certified Gong Sound healing practitioner, as well as Certified Reiki Master. I have been healing and Running my psychic & Spiritual Bath Store for Years. I am an elder in my community but not seen very often.

I called it INNER -G to bring out your 5g's. Gratitude, Groundedness, God source connection, Groove, and Glory. I think you are all so gifted.
This event features Holistic vendors, demonstrations, yoga, massage, and card readings. If I can I will offer 30 minute Reiki sessions.


Please get your Tickets and Vender app in asap. We are filling up but have a lot of Garden space to play in.

Date - October 7, 2023 


Drum Circle, Meditation, Yoga, DJ, reiki dance, sound bath.
Cocao Ceremony

Must RSVP to attend this private event.
Address provided upon ticket purchase.

General Admission - $10

Vendors - $15 Refundable Deposit

Hosted by - Robin Annen, Vanessa Camara 
Co-host - Alex Camara


Inner-G Vendors

Kaleidoscope Studios

Kaleidoscope Studios is excited to share their unique wears with you! A creative collaboration between local visionary artist Jaison Hollis and Mika Earthspirit, they are giving art another purpose, Fashion! With shirts for everyone, duffle bags, pillows, blankets and more you too can bring amazing art off the walls and into your life! Maybe you just need a sticker for your water bottle, they have that too! These items aren’t just cool to look at, they are also carrying the codes that Jaison brings through in every painting. These are Divine Transmissions to adorn your daily wardrobe! Kaleidoscope’s mission is to bring artists together as a collective, to share and create. In this effort, they also carry some creations from other artists they love and meet around the world. Come check them out and see what resonates!

Vanessa Camara Designs

Vanessa Camara Designs is the art and jewelry of Dallas, Texas based artist Vanessa Camara. Dots, lines, patterns, and color are what bring her artistic vision to life. Her collection of works includes earrings, candle holders, jewelry boxes, and birdhouses. She has been into the arts since she was a child using a variety of different modalities and techniques including; ceramics, collage work, photography, oil pastels, and digital based artwork. She began working with acrylic paints and dot painting tools in 2019. It has become her obsession and she uses this technique in all sorts of ways and on all sorts of surfaces. She enjoys scouring second hand and thrift stores for interesting objects to upcycle. To reach out to Vanessa for custom work please email her at


Cerdified Co SOY candles

Serenity will be bringing her Soy candles


Zoey Sunshine Coley will be bringing her activated dreamportals and dreamshields. Zoey specializes in dream mapping and manifesting the life you truly desire. Her portals filter the electromagnetic field surrounding you to only produce the life you desire, and shield out dark confusing dreams and properly clarify what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Robins Realm Readings
Spiritual Products for Spiritual People

Daryl Sprout

Creator and Practitioner at Zero Point Integration

and more...

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