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Welcome to Robins Realm Readings LLC. I am an advanced psychic intuitive, a Master Tarot Reader, and a divine Channeler. As a minister, I offer prayer warrior services and as a Master Reiki Healer, I provide Reiki healing services. Additionally, I am an advanced Gong sound Master and a Theta sound practitioner. My diverse range of skillsets ensures that you receive the healing you need at every level.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Annual Readings

    Pay for A full year in advance. Get a full reading each Mo.
    Valid for one year
    • Each month you will get a request for your current focus.
    • Receive spiritual feedback on your goals etc ea. Month
  • within 24 hour--Phone Readings $55.55

    Request a call to get some relief and questions answered.
    • Live phone Personal Reading
  • New Love Reading

    Are you ready? Are they looking for you? Will Love find you soon? What qualities should I look for?
    Valid for 3 months
    • A zoom LIVE Meeting - Psychic Love Reading ❤️
    • The search for Love 💕
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