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Please select what topic you wish to have prayer over. We want to let God do the work on your behalf and get the

glory, thereby winning your love back, pure, undefiled, committed, and full trust.

Please send an email that says “Prayer Request Sent”, say names, and we will send a blessing in return (If,) we

receive a Special Message for you, expect a return email. Otherwise, Peace and Thank you

Please consider a Donation to the ministry, it is needed. Your gifts are stored in the Akashic memory we call heavens

and are a blessing you may request if needed. Christ said “I go to prepare a place for you if that were not true I would

not tell you.”

Be well. Be well informed

Welcome, I am a Minister, Registered in Texas, and US, and of the order of Melchizedek, an ancient high priest lineage whose work is prayer, speaking & representing others for a higher Path.

My gifts are innumerable, but what I want is to bring you love, understanding and peace.

Thereby, bringing an increase in connection, faith, and peace, to your life. If you are willing you will receive, by surrender and Release. What was planned for you is better than you have been getting.

Our prayer team goes before the highest thrown of Grace, with anonymity, and Love.

No personal involvement, we leave your request, with your faith, at gods feet-So to speak.

ONLY PRAYER DIVINE ORDER We do this for several reasons, we want to heal the spiritual connections between us here on earth, and we know you need to know you are not alone. No man can go to the father but through Christ.

* There is one thing we ask: That you return with a testimony we can share to encourage others

* Consider being a prayer intercessor (we will interview and you can pray with us as well so we can also be strong on

this path. You Love is greatly appreciated

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