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A Little Thank you note

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Happy Holidays Loved ones!

I hope you are well. Gratitude is the Attitude that attracts your abundance.

Because of your love, Generosity, Divine connection to my Journey, I Thank you so much.

I Love & cherish you. May God show favor and keep you joyful even under trials. I've shed tears enough for all of us. I like you seek daily revival. We do every trick in the book, yet something's missing. What is it?

Maybe it's this: In order to receive you have to distribute. Service work

Note: If you need to make a tough decision, please seek me out for confirmation.

(You are right, you just don't know that yet).


I only need 2+ Positive Reviews on Google to increase my business.

I know most of you have had some kind of a reading, healing session, or sage advice and would ask you to consider honestly telling the world your real experience with me.

So it'sCHRISTMAS! 🎄 Gift me with your truth.

Any and all physical gifts can be sent to Robinsrealmreadings

2680 bickers st. 3122

Dallas TX 75212

Thank you everyone who blessed me during 2022 , with Cash, Blessings gift💝s, Repeat clients, your trust, your uniqueness, and generosity it is noted, and counted in your favor.

May you have someone to hug, someone to trust and talk with, and hope of more opportunities to shine in someone else's life. Shining stars are always at the top of the tree.

Here is the business review link.

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