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Having a Divine Connection with Source

Have you gone through intense changes recently?

We are navigating through an energy minefield of words, actions, and thoughts. They are creation.

I am aware that each and every man has free will. When they're of age to make decisions, one becomes accountable to source.

I became acutely aware of that about 10 years old. And even in all of my pain anger frustration and fear of what I was going through which is really bad. I recollect having a broken heart at 10 years old.

The Lord confronted me and gave me a choice a decision, did I want to be happier, or not?

Of course I answered yes.

But if I remember exactly there was also lack of trust because I'm so much damage emotional damage at a young age at the hands of my father and his crazy family, and his crazy religion. It was on a Sunday in that same crazy church, that I heard a still small voice and it was extremely comforting and sincere. I listened to these exact words " I will be here, I chose you, take heart, and listen only to me".

I think it saved my life. I was only 10 but I wanted to die. The spiritual infiltration on those who are hiding from God/ Supreme Creator /Divine, in opposition are directly opposed to you reaching the Light and Truth. Yet it showed up anyway

All of these things that we go through, are to refine our character. And to lighten our hearts. To lighten our loads with deep conversations with divine. Knowing the mind of God is the first place to tap into divine guidance to your own soul. All of this having happened to me was a catalyst, to draw near to what I would refer to as God, the solution, the Sun, the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, the Divine guide.

It became apparent that, the healing process from such trauma takes several years.

And one of the lessons you will learn theough that still small voice is: How to take care of your body, how to clear your mind, how to soften your heart and let love in it, how to forgive with Grace, how to learn to be strong in your faith, and how to share that positivity with others who might experience similar, or sadly, the same neglect and abuse.

It can be very subtle, and cause great damage, and all we want is someone to trust in.

"Seek peace and pursue it"

one of the great edicts of the Bible.

I think it is the Pearl a great price.

I'm just grateful for the little small voice that said: everything isn't emotional, everything has a solution, seek the solution ( sol) Son of man CHRIST, and know that, you will find the door. 🚪Actually you'll find door, after door, after door, start opening for you, because you're not holding on to the Past you're forgiving it you're leaving it and you're moving forward on your journey of healing yourself and loving. Everything takes work including love it's an energy form it's a power.

So, don't let anyone take that power from you. Access it daily, through gratitude, and deep small conversations with your higher power.

I wish you the best. Get to where you trust yourself


Reach out if you need help on your journey if you're sincere only.

Reach out if you need someone to say a prayer for you or your family. And listen to that still small voice and obey that's your guide may you be blessed


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