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Blue Lotus Love Oil 🪔

Highest quality imported oils.

A custom blend to activate your sacral chakra, and your creative Energies. Woodsy and floral, extremely exotic, a very lovely scent. (Lotus, Daffodil, Rose) prominent

The ingredients are $$$, so grab it now.

Blue Lotus Love Oil 🪔

Excluding Sales Tax
  • I have a 30-day return policy, it's honored after you send back the defective product. If you do return be sure to send me an email prior, thank you.

  • The hanging diffuser is glass and wood and a very efficient way to access the oil in your vehicle or where you want to hang it. The plastic Mist bottle, can be refilled and, be sure to shake it before you use it to balance out the medium which is coconut oil. Make sure the Caps are on tight.

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