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Advanced Reading- In Depth-Healing Session

Advanced look at your charts, Solar return, Mayan connections,Numerlogy, Love compatability, Love affinity, A meditation & Reiki healing ( if you request  that). Going Deeper is for serious journey an mutidimentional perspective to your situation. 

Advanced Reading- In Depth-Healing Session

  •  These products are created and designed by a Lightworker/ Reiki Master & Intuitive Psychic.

    All things resonant, and intended to assist your healing journey.

    I believe a Spiritual Bath is mandatory on a Daily basis, therefore the sacred healing sprays and bath salts for soaking and, meditation and, prayer.

    We designed with Divine Instruction and skill.

    Come in for an Intimate channelled session, all sacred, are available, called readings. with a Loving energy we seek truth.

    We strive to connect, correct, and collect light energy, so you can be your best. FOR YOUR HEALING, Be well and Be well informed.



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