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Auric Clear and reset with Holy oil

A Spiritual bath on the go. Designed by a Reiki master for annointing, use is any human contact, and excellent in All spiritual practices. Reiki, yoga or just everywhere. It's marvelous & unique


This is a sanctification spray to assist in your prayer, Reiki work, Protecting your Sacred Aura with ancient scents of reverence and Holiness.

 Designed by a Reiki practitioner for her own work, Now Available to you. 

All pure ingredients.

Pure essential oils, pure ph water only.

I use it everywhere, pillow cases before sleep, but essentially on my hands and around the crown of my head. This is to protect the psychic space. 

Thank you In Advance.  Must shake well.


$15 per bottle + Shipping in the US.

This is an anointing oil spray. In this mist you have the ability to add a sacred scent to your body, clients, work space or home.


Contents: Sea Salt Oil, Black Amber, Lavender Oil, Palo Santo Oil, Nag Champa Oil, In a Pure High PH Solution. (2 FL OZ)

Suggested Use: Spray around your crown before meditation/prayer or on your hands before Reiki or massage. Be Sacred * Be Clear. Smell wonderful.

Auric Clear - Sacred Anointing Holy Mist includes a pure oil refill bottle.

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  •  These products are created and designed by a Lightworker/ Reiki Master & Intuitive Psychic.

    All things resonant, and intended to assist your healing journey.

    I believe a Spiritual Bath is mandatory on a Daily basis, therefore the sacred healing sprays and bath salts for soaking and, meditation and, prayer.

    We designed with Divine Instruction and skill.

    Come in for an Intimate channelled session, all sacred, are available, called readings. with a Loving energy we seek truth.

    We strive to connect, correct, and collect light energy, so you can be your best. FOR YOUR HEALING, Be well and Be well informed.



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