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Actually, Your heart Is your home. Yes, that's true.

There was a powerful man, chosen by the Most High to rule over a nation of people.

Of course, there were traditions put in place by forefathers at the time.

This powerful magi was SOLOMON the Son of a King. And the fore running lineage of the Messiah.

When this man was put in this position, he was greatly favored by the spirit world, and given the offer for a powerful ability to rule.

Anything he wanted.

As the story goes, he realized the huge responsibility of governing people stuck in their traditions, and hard hearts.

What did he ask for? What was it?

Was it wealth? No, he already had that

Was it power over enemies? No, he already had that.

What was it then?

He approached God's throne with Reverence, fear, and trembling.

Not demands, and self interests, like some unknowingly do.

This was a big responsibility.

So his answer was critical.

He said " According to your favor oh Lord, I ask for WISDOM. I need wisdom to discern, and rule with Divine backing. " He Got it!

How many of us ask for WISDOM?

The blessing was granted, and King Solomon was given secrets to the underworld, the hearts of men, the supernatural abilities to do what we call today magic .

Magic is transformation. It comes in many forms.

But the hearts of men have been defiled by unnatural desires for power,and self serving ways. So the Wisdom was critical.

This King/magician was so powerful and blessed with favor. For he considered everyone in his ruling and prayers.

He wrote amazing memories, and his lyrics were like prayers, mixed with Wisdom. Words we today can read and apply.

People hearts are heavy. Here are a few things he wrote for you and I.

Proverbs 4:23 says "Safeguard your heart, for out of it- are the sources of Life"

Author note: I was thinking about the difference between heavy hearted, and hard hearted and have discovered the difference is that: Either you can be reproved, corrected, and guided.

Or, you have set your heart as stone towards your maker. It's rebellion to harden your heart.

Let it break. But give it to God who can restore your heart and inner home. The supernatural gift you seek has already been offered. John 3:16

Solomon wrote these words: Proverbs 1:7

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of ( wisdom) knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline"

Read Proverbs chapter 3 for confirmation.

These are my thoughts based on experience.

When I realized my heart was broken and fickle, and tired of allowing wickedness to have authority or, to rule in my life, I decided it was better to walk the narrow way, submit to loves authority, and seek wisdom. Upon doing that, and putting all haughtiness aside, I started to get strong. Not strong mentally but strong in my heart. My Heart belongs to Jesus now. That is wisdom.

I hope this helped.

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