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SHARING LOVE ☘️💚☘️ -Going LIVE @2 pm

Please tap in for some Spiritual Love confirmations, peace of mind, and friendship.

I'm so glad we have a platform where we can share love with one another in any way shape or form. We are all so unique and different in different places going through different things yet we're all made in God's image and we hope that our efforts amongst one another are always for your well-being whatever that may be. I never know what the holy spirit will want to channel for you until I open my mouth and let God speak. I'm grateful for your presence, and helping my channel grow, and stay alive, working against the enemy if you know what I mean?

Let me know you're there, sometimes your names aren't the same, so tell me who you are, first names all right? and don't forget when you go to my lives members who JOIN my channel not just my website, can get free personal mini readings on the spot, every Sunday @2pm.

By all means, check in, thank you, love you, make good use of the good messages coming through.

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