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Hello Loves! I wanted to tell you that YOUTUBE is making a change.

They are assigning us Handles. Handles??? Yup

So- as of November 4 my handle will be


All valid questions

I personally know a few of you.

Some of you, I know nothing about. I've reached out with no response- that is uncomfortable. I hope to get to invite you to live sessions. I need to know who you are loves!

As of January 1, there may be a change to this.

I did not want to lose my clients or audience.

But you actually need to support my work somehow. (example) watch videos, and, hit the LIKE button,

or I get buried on my platform- what's the point, right?

Otherwise it appears you don't appreciate the gifts God has given me to reach beneath the veil and produce healing, and caring messages

Please take that into consideration, as well as any loving $gifts to make it easier to bring better messages because of less burden. I wanted to notify you how I really feel.

I love you all dearly A Sneak peek into RobinsRealm

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