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A lovely review from a darling friend

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Cards and Cats, energy, codes and downloads coming in!! Are you feeling it!? Drop a comment!

I'm totally in this creative flow right now.

Just had a gift of reciprocity, a dear friend giving melt l myself and Takata a full tarot reading She's an, elder and one of my Reiki Masters that I've attuned in my lineage, Robin @robinsrealmreadings . She came over last weekend and gave myself and Takata a 4 hour card reading and intuitive session, where we shared space with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides and connected to Source.

So many confirmations... my and her Life Path is 33, as an Ascended Master, Twin Flame correction confirmed, so many times again and again. My path for Teaching and reaching the world with the information we've been given and are downloading daily.

I'm currently placed my into the Divine Flow of abundance, (we all are)! I see it like standing under a huge waterfall. I'm the conduit and the things I'm sharing are the river. They are coming through myself and Takata, in Tantric Connection. They are being taught to those in our Mastermind and Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Then it flows out so far into the world through the Goddess Tribe! You are the river! It's OMAZING. Overwhelming, beautiful and I'm so excited. The Sacred Path is getting clearer and clearer.

I'm being shown what specifically to focus on. I'm every moment we must connect to Source

Currently, I'm writing and creating several new online courses at once!

I'm being shown where to share what and for whom. It's getting easier because I'm listening better. More quiet time, lots of Self Care practices, tons of patience and completely and totally letting go of all outcomes. Everything.

All of it.

So much love

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