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A Strong Prophetic Message 👑🕊️


Nov. 23, 2022

A stern warning, and a blessing:

God says " Touch NOT my anointed, I will preserve them and bring judgement on you (wicked arrogant ones, who manipulate time and space to have your way, to the harm of your brother or sister) SWIFTLY.

I have heard their cries, and have seen your smugness and pride.

Saints, I say- "Do not fear man who can destroy the body but not the soul" "Respect the Master of both Soul & Body"

There is a reason you are asked to surrender, and be Humble.

It is not so you can be a sheep, it is to lighten your burden, and go left when I urge left (high priest or priestess) and, right when I say right.

I will amplify your Merkaba and you will rise, then, see all around you from intestinal fortitude, your gut. And you will cry.

You bow in prayer and, fiery darts aimed at you, go over your head, You sing praises, dance, and encourage, for the Joy of the Lord(ship) is your strength.

You stand up stronger, and can see what baggage you carry. Dropping it off piece by piece at the feet of the Throne of Grace,

(no burden). Relieved of, having to

Know everything, fight everything, prove everything, challenge everything.

You need to know. Faith in the universe ( Divine) & Christ's sacrifice. It wasn't for nothing he shed his blood. A perfect example of creation, sustenance, spiritual laws, self sacrifice, man & God.

FAITH- It is a SHIELD. 🛡️

A fortification is coming loved ones, but it starts within, your own beautiful house.

Go therefore and make disciples of peace, on this earth, share your gifts,

baptizing, (clearing & anointing) and teaching basic commands for wellness.

Seek peace & pursue it.

The Lord sees all! (ALL)

The word sin- means to withdraw from your true healing, hardening your hearts, and not unloading your arrogant pride. Rebellion.

You are soul, but you are also dust. You could be out of alignment, or just plain rebellious against God, however you perceive the Divine.

Be a prodigal, realize this, find your rightful place of healing and dignity. I only ask 1 Thing: Don't challenge GOD once, do it 3 times, and you will see my work, says the creators spirit. And you will be in awe. 🌻

If you are indeed chosen, you will receive this prophesy with a joyful heart, and solemn dedication, if you are Not I see you seething against the righteous, trying to trip them on the way up the aisle. NOTHING IS HIDDEN FROM THE MOST HIGH.


Get behind them, follow their lead, for the saints are not interested with greed, they will always have what they need, and always have seed.


Help! Spiritual Message on Supporting your girl Robin, not with just your loyalty, but with your abundance $, and you will access the anointing and access messages like above. Tithing is a spiritual Universal Principle. 10% of your income to further kingdom work we don't do that, because of fear of lack, Know this: Your donations & giving, magnifies your potential for a ten fold return in the quantum field.

God says" I might use your gift and split it and spread it out to cover all your needs. Food, $, happy family, job offers and better relationships. My saints need to be covered. Thank you

Stern warning from creator-

Just give back, do not be in this space with the wrong intentions.

I feel imbalance within my own followers on my site. If you are hear to feed and not cook, please leave and make space for more people to be lifted"

If your heart is moved to bless Robinsrealmreadings work, please do so, Your blessings will manifest and we can discuss them openly, why? Because it's a form of praise, and when we praise, burdens fall off like an old jacket.

There are several ways to do a 💝 Love offering.

Here is the most common:

Love you 🧘🕊️

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