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Flowing with Divine

Greetings, I'm here with the start of my training. I believe we begin something new every minute, Why Not Choose Wisely? You are loved, Appreciated, and Highly favored. For You 👇👸 Things change so often, and, a Wise person knows Not to be too committed to unnecessary patterns, and Flow with obedience to the spiritual unctions of the Divine Directors Guidance. Redirection proves often a way of protecting you from danger. Or understanding that your soul is learning what's best for you. No matter what? Get in commited trust and dialogue with the God of your understanding, start a conversation, ( if you stay in that frequency and humility, your soul can align with itself and will restore quickly after nasty events and surprises.) I am living proof of that. Quickly forgiving yourself, quickly centering back in that Divine conversation and enlightenment Who can move an oak tree? Only say Amen in agreement with others words causiously. Words are Magic, good or bad. Curses or Blessings. Death or life. Allow this conv rsation to be open, ready to discuss solutions, ideas and safety matters. You will never need another s opinion again, as you will already know if it's meant for you or not.

I'm reminded, "the Serenity Prayer" the👇Tarot Training Way

" God grant us the Serenity (4 of swords-Rest)

to Accept (Temprence-Patience)

What we cannot change (Tower-Inevitable)

The Courage (Leo-Self control)

to change what we can, (Magician-Using tools wisely) and,

The Wisdom (Hermit-Seek understanding)

to know ( Ace of swords-Truth & communication) The difference ( Lovers-Choices)

Outcome- peace of mind (6 of swords)

which means, a quiet surrender, and peaceful flow. Blessings

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