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What is INNER-G? Why is it important?

What is INNER-G? Why is it important?

I have created a LIVE event that has a mini stage. It was created as a space where those in our healing community could share their modality/healing practice with us, and make new friends and clients. Our first event was an interesting challenge. However, the quality of humans and their offerings was so high. I allowed interruptions to become fluid offerings. I anointed with oil, and used the Wind Gong to bless, and push positive energy your way. Sometimes, we are too structured and therefore do not enjoy our time together. ( explanation) Our next event will also be fun. And at the same time, educational and, Healing. We allow our local crafters to set up a table, offer their services for pay ( as solopreneurs) any compensation we receive, will be used to cover expenses only so please, bring your amazing Art and enjoy, this time of connecting with us. We only have space for 8 tables so HURRY if you want to share your craft. Our next event is in Dallas again. OCTOBER 7 We are planning on at least two demonstrations from our hosts. Robin & Vanessa. We are artists, mature healers, and educated on our craft. We are all learning new things right? BRING IT! 🙌 We are Hoping to have a few more talents to bring a soundbowl, breath session to our stage. Or Musical talent. As usual there will be younguns, and we are demonstrating to the children, they are safe, learning, and having fun around us. There will be a $5. pre donation for Food on our October 7 event. Provided by Alex & Vanessa Camara. There will be a small $15. deposit required for your Reservation as a vendor. It will be applied to the 15 % you pay at the end of the event. Instead of asking a large $ amount up front. Easy does it! If we do well, you do well. Let's All take a deep breath and have Fun together We will have, music, fire/marshmallow fun, food, singing, talent, meditation moment. If you cannot make it, and wish to donate we would apply that to necessities for the event. We are Christ based healers and know the importance of Love & Healing, and gathering. If you would like to be in on the conversations or offer a service, we have a WhatsApp INNER-G. Or, you may email me directly. A link to support:

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